The winner of the Asian Regional Competition is Nigel Loh Man Hong! – Washoku World Challenge The 11th Competition

The winner of the Asian Regional Competition is Nigel Loh Man Hong!

The Asian regional competition was held on Monday, November 20, 2023, at ABC Cooking Funan Studio in Singapore. Six competitors who passed the screening assignments completed their skills.

Finally, Nigel Loh Man Hong from Singapore won the competition.

Under the theme of “Your Perspective on Japanese Cuisine,” the six competitors had 120 minutes to cook five kinds of assorted dishes for four people using Japanese ingredients.

The winner, Nigel Loh Man Hong, commented, “I am delighted to have won the Washoku World Challenge, which I have attempted many times before and which is the first time it has been changed to Asia Regional Competition.”

Looking ahead to the special training in Japan in February 2024, he said, “I am looking forward to learning in an authentic environment. I hope to deepen my knowledge of the various techniques of Japanese cuisine and use rare ingredients unavailable in Singapore. Also, I look forward to learning more about the various techniques of Japanese cuisine and using rare ingredients unavailable in Singapore.”

Mr. Nakata from Japan and Chef Maetomo, Chef Watanabe, and Ghib Ojisan from Singapore participated as judges, commenting on each competitor and expressing their expectations for their future success.

Mr. Nakata, who is also the Deputy Head Judge of the Washoku World Challenge, reflected on the competition, saying, “It was a very high-level competition.”


Mr. Nakata Masahiro

Director of Taiwa Gakuen Inc.

Director of Taiwa Gakuen Hospitality Industry Development Center

Mr. Maetomo Akihiro

Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador
Owner Chef of Maetomo Japanese cuisine Kaiseki & Sushi

Mr. Watanabe Mitsuzo

Member of the Japanese Culinary Academy

Chef of Japanese Cuisine Hazuki

Mr. Ghib Ojisan  

Travel and Food Content Creator

Top  Competitors

First Place Nigel Loh Man Hong
    (Republic of Singapore、Miyoshi by Fatcow)

Second Place Kok Leon Ooi
     (Malaysia, Fat Cow(Republic of Singapore))

Third Place Tien Le minh
        (Socialist Republic of Viet Nam、八芳園(Japan))


Yang Zhao
(Commonwealth of Australia、Izakaya Publico, Indigo Hotel – Brisbane CBD)


Valentina Wirjono
(Republic of Indonesia、KANAYA Group  KINUGAWA Onsen HOTEL(Japan))