Document Screening

Screening Assignments

You will be asked to submit the following 3 assignments (photos, documents, basic Japanese cusine test) for screening.

[Assignment 1] Photos

In line with the contest’s theme, “Goho‐Five methods,” please provide photos of 2 Japanese dishes using Japanese ingredients and explain your cooking practices including the ingredients and simple steps used in making the dishes. (Approx. 200 words per dish)

* Use at least one of Goho - Five methods.

[Assignment 2] Documents

Please describe how you incorporated the cooking techniques of “Goho‐Five methods” and the knowledge of “Gomi” and “Goshiki” into the two dishes made in Assignment 1, along with your thoughts on Japanese cuisine. (Approx. 200 words)

[Assignment 3] Basic Japanese Cuisine Test

You will be asked a short essay-style question regarding your basic knowledge of Japanese cuisine.
This test measures your knowledge about Japanese ingredients and how to make Japanese “dashi” Japanese broth.

Points to Note

  • Please use Japanese ingredients as much as possible, and specify their name if you used them.
  • Dishes must not have already received awards in other Japanese cooking contests.
  • Sushi recipe is not accepted.
  • Recipes for sweets, snacks, desserts, and drinks are excluded from this contest.
  • Photos should be clear enough to understand what ingredients are being used.
  • Multiple photos taken at different angles should be sent (at least 2 and no more than 3 photos per dish).
  • Photos and content submitted by applicants may be used on the official websites and social media accounts of the Washoku World Challenge and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan.

Example Photos

A photo that shows the entire dish from the angle that you want your customer to see your dish

A photo from directly above that shows the balance of the dish and the plate

Criteria for Judging

The screening will be conducted by looking at the photos and comments of your finished dishes.
The points we will examine with regards to the photos of your dishes are as follows:

  • Balance between the plate/bowl and cuisine (Is the dish well presented?)
  • Is the dish vibrant?
  • Is the original color of the ingredients intact? (Have the ingredients been cooked properly?)
  • Has the cuisine been cut professionally? (Have the ingredients been cut properly?)
  • Have the “Goho‐Five cooking methods” of Japanese cuisine been used?
  • Is the cooking procedure written in a concise and easy-to-understand manner?
  • Have Japanese ingredients been used?
  • Do the photos of the dishes look appetizing?

To ensure fairness, the screening will be conducted without disclosing the applicant's personal information to the judges.

Video Screening

Screening Assignment

[Assignment 1]

A video of yourself cooking one of the two dishes submitted in the document screening (about 60 minutes long)

[Assignment 2]

Presentation Video

  • Explanation of the dish cooked in Assignment 1 (Explanation of the five cooking methods adopted, along with your thoughts on Japanese cuisine) (about 1 minute)

[Assignment 3]

Presentation Video

  • Challenges you want to take on going forward and what activities you see yourself doing through Japanese cuisine (about 1 minute)
  • * You are required to submit the cooking recipe and the photos of the completed dishes cooked in the video screening.
  • * Please make sure to check the guidelines for shooting videos before recording (available in late October).
  • * Please make sure that your video includes the following contents for screening purposes.

Criteria for Judging

To ensure fairness, the screening will be conducted without disclosing the applicant's personal information to the judges.
The screening will be conducted by watching the video of one cooking and your presentation as well as looking at the finished dishes.
The points we will examine are as follows:

  • Proper maintenance of cooking tools/equipment
  • Clean and tidy appearance
  • Selection and combination of ingredients
  • Cutting techniques
  • Knife techniques
  • Proper control of heating according to each ingredient
  • Colour scheme of ingredients
  • Appropriate arrangement on the plate and well-balanced coordination (volume and balance)
  • Presence of at least one of the five cooking methods of Japanese cuisine : cutting, simmering, grilling, steaming, deep-frying
  • Maintenance of hygiene standards
  • Correctness of cooking procedures
  • Efficient cooking procedure
  • Whether the process is in line with the theme, Goho - Five methods
  • In the presentation videos, whether the contestants' passion for Japanese cuisine and future vision are well explained.

* Due to the worldwide spread of infectious diseases, we have decided to cancel the final tournament in Tokyo.
As the result, we will offer the special online lessons by top Japanese chefs to the six finalists.