The Winner Is WANG Wei Ping

The final held in Tokyo on Feb. 20th and 21st brought together 5 chefs who won the qualifying rounds in Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris, San Sebastian and New York. Over two days, they competed to display their skills and sensibility based on the competition’s main theme of “Umami” and this year’s theme of “Texture and Mouthfeel”.

On Day One, contestants competed using the same ingredients to make a “nimonowan”. On Day Two, they produced their own original recipe consisting of at least 5 dishes arranged on a “hangetsubon” tray.

“This 7th edition demonstrates that the finalists’ technical level keeps improving every year,” said the judges. “Creating Japanese dishes that incorporate the characteristics and unique ideas of other countries’ culinary cultures, while respecting the fundamentals of Japanese cuisine built on the concept of umami, expands the potential of Japanese cuisine. The creations of each one of the finalists embodied this notion.” On their decision to award the top prize to Wang Wei Ping, the judges said: “Wang’s use of Chinese black vinegar in the preparation of the rice for hamaguri clam sushi was a magnificent idea that brought a Chinese touch to Japanese cuisine.”

Reacting to his victory, Chef Wang Wei Ping said: “I thank the owner and other members of my restaurant. After returning to Shanghai, I would like to continue conveying the excellence of Japanese cuisine, which is both healthy and tasty.”


First Place: WANG Wei Ping (China, of SUN with AQUA JAPANESE DINING SUNTORY)

Second Place: Yael PEET (USA, of Fury‘s ) *The restaurant will be open this summer.

Third Place: Loh Man HONG (Singapore, of FAT COW)

Wojciech POPOW (Poland, of Beaverbrook)

Mireia FARNÓS ESPUNY (Spain, of Basque Culinary Center )


– Head Judge: Mr. Yoshihiro MURATA

(Chairman of Japanese Culinary Academy, Owner and chef of Kikunoi, Japanese Cuisine Goodwill ambassador)

– Deputy Head Judge: Mr. Masahiro NAKATA

(Director of Taiwa Gakuen Education Inc. President of Kyoto Culinary Art College)
– Judge: Mr. Hideaki MATSUO

(Owner of Japanese Cuisine KASHIWAYA, Japanese Cuisine Goodwill ambassador)
– Special Judge: Yoshio KOJIMA



Last Updated: February 22, 2020